Friday, May 6, 2011

I hate procrastinating students!

Here we are with only 2.5 weeks of school left...
One more project to make (the lucky ones - some owe me two projects), and four projects to glaze.
I have two more bisque loads in the 1227, and then four or five glaze loads to get done by the 25th.  Their show is on the 28th and 29th.

Then I have to find time to glaze and fire my load...

I try and share the techniques, textures, and forms from a number of other potters with my students.  In the picture above you can see one of Joy Tanner's cups in my blue bowl.  If you look all the way to the back, you can see a bottle by Meredith (Why Not Pottery), next to a yunomi by Joel Blum (FetishGhost).  I wonder if I will have time to get all this glazed and fired before the end of the school year.  

On the personal side of things, for those who have seen the bisqued versions of these, here are a few photos of the finished products, fresh from the kiln this week.  I didn't think about it till I opened the kiln, but I didn't even put any other kiln furniture in with these 11 pieces... so they overfired a little.

Here's the results, please let me know what you think - I could use the input.

The overtemp caused this one to lose some of the color from the Seaweed glaze, but at least the underglazes came through.

     It's not readily evident from this picture, but the Blue Rutile glaze left a blue smoke over the brown on the outside of this 18 oz mug.  You can only see the blue haze at an angle in good lighting.

     This small pitcher was sold before I even glazed it, so I let the teacher who bought it choose the glaze.  I think she chose an interesting glaze.

The glaze is called Ancient Jasper, and I used it on this small yunomi as well.  I like what it did on the lip of the cup, and those little flames running up the inside!

Notice the difference in results...

These two little cups have nice form, but I think the shino glaze was affected by the overtemp, as well as the small little cappuccino cup with the blue rutile around the lip.

This is my first sugar bowl, and I think it turned out good... except for the little "s" crack under the knob.
I think the blue in the stripes was a little strong though.  It did come through the celadon glaze real well, but I should have used a lighter underglaze.

I was just experimenting with slab-built mugs with this one.  The glaze came out good, but in retrospect the handle seems too far out from the body of the mug.

This one I have just started with underglazes, I'm just not sure which glaze will allow all the colors through... maybe the celadon.

That's what I did with this one.  It has the same palm tree underneath. 

Please let me know what you think - good, bad, or ugly.

Have a great weekend y'all, and Happy Mudding!


  1. Thanks for the update! Great to see some finished work, and I definitely appreciate the jasper samples. It's one I've looked at adding to my palette, but wasn't sure it would fit - but the way it fires on interiors! Might have to get some of that. Looks like the celadon or seaweed woud probably work alright on your palm vase, if the firing went well and the underglaze is strong enough. While you may have overfired a bit, it kind of looks like maybe the glaze just went on too thin on that first bowl? Hard to judge the impact of all the variables there! Good luck fitting everything in before the end of the year, and I've got an e-mail headed your way soon!

  2. So I love the bright orange you got in the shino. Any chance you'd be up for sharing the recipe? I'm also interested in the brown glaze around the rim of the shino handled cup. Is it a tenmoku, or a black or something else?