Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Apologies to all....

Apologies to all who have followed this to see what the students (or myself) have been up to. This new school schedule is a nightmare for staff an students alike. My classes average 30 p/class, and my max allowed is supposed to be 24. Not to mention that when they changed the schedule, they shifted a bunch of teachers to other schools. So now, there aren't enough English or Science teachers ( only one per grade level). Which means that I will probably volunteer to teach physical science during my prep period.
Most weeks (Mon - Fri) I teach Teachers in the evenings for 5 - three hour classes in using technology in the classroom. There are two classes every Saturday.
Needless to say, I haven't been reading many blogs, or even looking at clay. I miss my clay!
I will be starting classroom post as soon as the daytime sched. evens out. Be well, and I hope to be able to catch up soon!

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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Another Year... Another Project

     Again this year, one of the projects that I will be assigning the students is a ceramic artist research paper.  It is a chance for them to see the works of many different potters, with many different styles and types of clay works – from different parts of the world.  They have to download 2 pictures of the artists’ work, and email the artist to ask a number of questions about their work, such as: what influenced their style, the medium they work in, the glazes they used on a particular piece, etc.  They only need to write 750 words, but I’m hoping they will end up with much more. 
     May I have your permission to steer them to your blog and website to obtain information, and to contact you by email?  I would appreciate it immensely, and you would be able to influence this new generation of students in their search for new outlets in the world of art.   Please pass this on to other potters who may be interested in helping.
Thanks in advance for reading this post, and for your quick replies. 
Happy Mudding!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Time to start school again...

     Just got my classroom ready for the students, and the district pushed back the start date by two weeks.  So I have plenty of time to slake down that clay that needs recycled, and throw as many pieces as I can in the next two weeks!  It looks like they funded the class this year, but still don't know how much they are going to give us.  The government is in the middle of downsizing as much as they can, and as many people as they can afford to.  At least I still have permission to build the wood kiln this year.  I need to find out if the local cement and block company makes bricks suitable for a kiln.  If not... I may have to just use whatever I can get and line it with fiber blanket.  Next - to see if I can get donations for it!
     I just got back (three weeks ago) from an eight week vacation to the States.  It was great to see family again, especially my father.  While visiting with him in Sierra Vista, Arizona, I was able to go use the local community center's open studio.  ( )
They have an excellent deal, with 8 hours of studio time, with materials, for only $22.  So I made 3 bowls and got them glazed before I left.  I gave the studio 2 of them for their "empty bowls" project in Oct. (I think), and my sister picked up the other to give to my Dad.  At least I got to get my hands muddy during the trip!

Bowl 1 had a nice set of cut feet.  White glaze over a cobalt blue glaze.

Bowl 2 had an invisible foot ring cut in the bottom.  Also white over cobalt blue.

A little better view of the insides.

While in the States, I also picked up some dremel tool bits to do a little carving on some hardwood flooring blocks that I got at the fair there.  I want to do a couple of "island style" designs in the wood blocks, for stamping on my wares.

     I have been following a blog called "Karatsu Pots"for quite a while.  It seems they are having a one week workshop in May of 2012, on the Tea Bowl.  So I have signed up to go, and have now got permission from my school principal to go (even though it happens during the school year).  I can't wait to spend a week in Japan, studying under a number of Japanese Masters!  If you are interested, here is the website to go to so you can check it out:  Workshop!  I would sure like to see some of the people I blog with there.  Hope you can make it.  
      I also wanted to put out the call for potters who would be willing again this year to let students interview you by email or facebook, and do a report on you and your work.  Please drop me a line at if you can help out.  Finally, stay tuned for more student work!
Happy Mudding Y'all!