Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Annual Student Show!

Most of you have heard of, and are awaiting for pictures from, the First Annual Southern High School Student Show!  So without further ado, here is a slide show from the event.  I wish the students from the first half of the year would have come in and glazed their work as well, because they have more work than was displayed, still sitting on the shelf as bisqueware.  I could have literally FILLED  the showroom with all the work.  Oh well, next year will be different.
Enjoy the pics, and leave your comments PLEASE?!

The first day started out with a trip across the island to pick up one more kiln load of glazed wares for the show.  When I arrived and unpacked the kiln, I found one of my earthenware bowls in with the student's work so I just laid it out on the table too.  The entire weekend was clear, with occasional showers - a typical tropical island day.

After the first batch of tourists had left I realized that I was so busy with them that I didn't take any pictures!  So I did a walk-around video of the work, to give you a better look at some of the pieces.  I hope you enjoy the video...

And here are the still shots of the show that I got the second day.  Enjoy!

First Annual Student Show


  1. Great looking work! When I taught at the Artscenter, we would do a student show for friends and family, the kids were always so excited. I would bring in cloth and boxes from home and the kids would help set up, it always looked so festive with the bright underglaze colors! Congrats to your students!

  2. wonderful student work.. i found the plate designs very impressive.

  3. Very inspiring work by students. The colors are great and the designs are awesome. Such imagination!!