Sunday, May 15, 2011

Finishing up

Fifteen miles each way, back seat filled with greenware (Mondays & Fridays),

and bisqueware (Wednesdays and Saturdays) for the last two weeks. One more week to go - I hope...
Now that they can see what the final outcome looks like, the students are a little more motivated. Here's a taste of their work...

(glaze samples)

I decided to use their Christmas ornaments (which they didn't want to glaze) for "coasters" to keep the glaze off the shelves. It worked great. I will post some more (clearer, individual pictures) later today.

Next year I will be attempting to build a small wood kiln on the high school campus. I will need simple plans for something about 10 cf in size. If anyone would like to help with some simple plans - something the students can help build, I would greatly appreciate it.
The fun part will be getting the bricks needed. Guess it's time to start grant hunting. Will post more pics later.
Happy Mudding!

Location:Chln Inifok,Yigo,Guam


  1. Moving the clay work is a lot of work; I did in the past so I know. You are a dedicated teacher, the student work looks great, good luck with the wood kiln building, looking forward to reading about that.

  2. Don't you love seeing the student's work come out of the kiln. I was always so proud for them when I taught! I also did that driving greenware and bisque 15 miles thing, it is a pain in the butt!