Saturday, March 5, 2011

I Love Books!

I got three books from the American Ceramic Society today in the mail!  Great stuff - lots of excellent information.  I was browsing through the "Wood Firing Journeys and Techniques"

and came across an article by our own Hollis Engley, called "Wood Firing in Maryland".  I did a double take, and then read the first part of the article which described the picture below.  Nice picture there Dan!

Well gotta run, time to figure out grades for the progress reports - again!
Happy Mudding to y'all!


  1. Familiar faces pop up everywhere now a days!

  2. I love that book too. And am anxiously awaiting the first firing of my wood kiln. I'll be testing a couple of the glazes from this book to see how they work for me.

  3. he does get around- I would know that bread any where!

  4. And isn't that Bill Van Guilder next to him?

  5. @ Anna: Yes that is Bill standing next to him. The article is about a 65 Cubic ft. kiln they built together.
    Yeah, that beard is very distinctive Meredith!
    @ Sue: I can't wait to sit down and read through the whole book!
    Hey Joel! Lovin those demi's! Can't wait to see your next kiln load!

  6. Hi, just read the news this morning about you folks being in tsunami watch. Take care, thinking of you.h