Wednesday, May 11, 2011

So THAT'S what was wrong....

I have noticed that lately I have been a bit ... cranky, to say the least.  The students have been getting on my nerves more, I seem irritated all the time, and I'm just tense and on edge.  I thought maybe it was just the end of the year rush to get everything made and glazed in time for the student show, or spending every minute at school, in my classroom, so the students can come in and finish their works.  That makes for a long day - having no breaks.  I was even eating lunch at my desk.
     Today, when my 2nd period left for lunch, I decided to take a break.  So I put a sign on the door saying "Sorry, I'm in a meeting",  turned out the lights, and went down the hall to my studio room.  I decided it was time to reacquaint myself with my wheel.  I broke out a bag of a nice brown earthenware that someone donated, and spent the next hour and a half wedging and throwing.  I will trim them tomorrow at lunch, and try and figure out what I want to do for decoration.
     The afternoon went by smoothly, and with no irritation.  I was actually relaxed, and cracking jokes with the last class of the day.  OMG it felt good to get back on the wheel again!

It's only five medium bowls, but hey - it's a start!  I just realized that I haven't thrown anything in three months.  Now wonder I was feeling so ... crazy!


  1. 3 months with no wheel time? No wonder you were out of sorts. Your bowls look fabulous!

  2. i get the same way if i haven't been able to touch clay for a few days... that may be why i don't care to glaze... it means a few days away from the wheel. i guess it's our therapy!

  3. Ugh - that's far too long to go without! Looking forward to seeing what you do with these bowls!

  4. THat sign is genius!! A little peace and quiet and clay...who could ask for more as the year rounds out and tensions are high. It's nice to see your bowls again!