Monday, June 6, 2011

No pics today :(

Finally finished my clearance form at school, and everything is cleaned and put away in the classroom. Now trying to take care of the million and one things needing done before leaving the island, heading stateside. Only 32 hours till take off, and still need to pack my clothes... they are in the dryers as I type this.

The last load out of the kiln looks fantastic, and I hope to get pictures up tomorrow. The two tumblers with the palm tree under the true celadon, turned out great! However, I like the tree on one and the form of the other... now if I can put the two together. ;-). On a good note though- someone wants the small one (the nicer form) for $20. I really need to photograph and measure it tomorrow! The small round bowl with feet (the carved green here) is sold for $30 to one of the school counselors.

Once I get back home and build up some stock, the gallery here - there is only one, apart from the University's, wants to start carrying my work. Soooo...I need some input from all you professionals out there on how this is going to work - before going in to talk business with this gentleman. I have no idea what to expect.

I still might be able to swing a side trip out to the Seagrove area while I'm in the states, but don't know how to get there. What airport would I fly into? How far is that from Seagrove? Would any of you mind me coming to learn from you for a day? This inquiring mind would like to know. Please drop me an email and let me know?!
Thanks, and good night!
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  1. galleries typically sell on consignment and the commission paid can vary between 25 and 40% (that has been my experience). very few only take 25%. if they are good and can sell work it is worth doing. way easier than packing up tons of work and going to street shows every weekend. be sure there is a written consignment agreement, stating when you will be paid, etc... and use inventory sheets to keep track of what they have of your work.

  2. (btw, it has been very hard to access your page and leave a comment, you have a lot of bandwidth going on here)
    big things going on, eh robert????

  3. Sorry 'bout that Gary... just reset my settings so it should work better now.

  4. I sell some things 50/50 and more expensive items are consigned 60/40. I have sold some of my jewelry for 70/30. I make an inventory sheet, tag each piece with my initials and number each piece, keep one copy, the other to the gallery.
    Where are you flying in to? Greensboro airport would probably be your closest airport for Seagrove, maybe an hour away...sounds like fun!