Friday, August 31, 2012

It's clay time! and... a kiln!

Here we are, two weeks into the new school year! It's been a little hectic to start - we are short on teachers so the counselors are overloading other classes to place the students. The students (most of them anyway) have finished their line and shape and rhythm drawing exercises, to get those design ideas started.

Yesterday I gave them each 2 lbs of clay and started them wedging. They thought that was cool - until they found out they are wedging for two class days! By the end of the class they were definitely worn out.

it appears I've found a way to expedite a kiln. Next week I will be taking one day to "walk the PO through" and get all the signatures in a day. The new superintendent said to let him know what day and he will ensure there are no obstacles in the process. If this goes smoothly, I could have a new kiln in place by the end of October! Yay!! Now to get busy. If I turn 5 pieces each school day, I should have a total of almost 400 (personal) pieces to fire. I'm already about halfway there now.
By the way, some of you should be receiving emails from students about their research papers. I must thank you all again for taking time from your busy schedules to answer their questions. Well, must go grade more drawings.
Happy Mudding!

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  1. Those are some great drawings I wouldn't mind having on my wall, great student work.

  2. Thanks LIndia! I've got a great bunch of kids this year!