Thursday, August 9, 2012

Almost time!

The countdown has started! 11 days till school starts!
Meh... No rest for the weary, as the saying goes.
I have been busy since summer school ended, trying to overhaul my classroom. I have found some small lockers, enough for two classes, I just have to haul them across campus myself (about 200 yds). I did find about 2.5 gals. of off-white paint to try and cover the flat black walls. So far it's taken about 1.5 gal to do this much:

The bookshelf only took one light coat, but those walls! I think there are 4 or 5 THICK coats and as it dries I see grey areas here and there.
This year I have a couple of different lesson plans in the works. The one I think will be the biggest hit is making a 6" square tile. I have already cleared it with the principal to start cementing their tiles to the school walls when they are finished.
Oh! Before I forget, I wanted to know how many of you would be interested in the research paper project this year. I will be giving out the assignment in August - due in September, and again in January - due in February. I will be sending out an email to every artist on my blog reading list (145 at last count) as well. Just drop me an email at if you would be interested. Thanks (in advance)!
Happy Mudding!
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  1. this will be a good year for you- kiln and tiles..

  2. Black walls? They looks so much happier with the white paint. The tiles sound like a fab idea :)

  3. Black walls? How teen age angst! White is much more open enlivening! Besides if you need a projector screen, white walls are right there.
    Tiles are a great project for all ages. I look forward to many photos of progress and finished tiles.
    BTW I found you through Gary.