Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Four days left...

Finally finished painting the classroom, at least the part I want painted. Let's see the students fall asleep with all the light coming of these white walls!

I did manage to get the lockers up off the floor and fastened to the wall so they won't move. All I have left is to adjust a couple of table legs, and all the cleaning. This will include scrubbing the remaining black walls with a scrub brush to get them clean, sweep, mop, clean all the rags and tools, and put up all the posters, rules, and various artwork examples.
Had a great find today. In one of the wings that has been used as storage for years, I came across these aluminum racks!

Now to get some plywood shelves cut to slide in these free ware racks. The only problem is that there is one wheel missing on each rack! Good thing there are a couple more to pull wheels off of!
Tomorrow I'll get the wheels and finish everything else so I can concentrate on my lesson plans. Have a great week, and...
Happy Mudding!

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  1. You know you are a teacher when you scavange the closets for a good find AND paint your own room AND rehab the furniture!! All that before the students even enter the building~ they are SO lucky to have you!!

  2. Thanks! I just really enjoy what I do. ;-)