Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Well ... trimmed some yesterday, tried a more decorative approach with several, but dreading the trimming of the bottle today. I've used a chuck once or twice, but never had to make one for my work. I will get some pics up later, but here's a couple of bowls to hold you over.

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  1. One of my younger studio mates showed me an fantastic way to trim bottles. It's a bit outside the box, but it's really cool. Cut the piece horizontally a few inches above the bottom....
    trim it as usual....
    slip it back together and accentuate the seam.
    She hand trims her work to boot so it looks quite different by the time she gets done.

    1. I suppose yOu could throw it without a bottom, and add one using this method as well

  2. Sounds like an idea for finishing this one maybe. Trimmed it some, but it's getting a little soft so couldn't finish. Thought about using the cheese slicer in the upper half.

  3. Robert, even smarter: throw the bottle on a bat and so that the bottom is NOT thick. Do NOT wire it off. When leather hard, set the upright bottle on the bat back on the wheel and trim. When you are done, then wire it off and sponge the bottom. NOTHING could be easier!

  4. Yep ... Wish I would have thought of that one before cutting it off the bat! Something to remember for next time.