Friday, April 13, 2012

Fun lunchtime activity!

Start with about 8 lbs of terra cotta clay, add one template cut from a heavy poster stock.

Roll out a half inch thick slab, use the template to cut a few pieces
( the number here is up to you), and scratch and slip them together. Let them firm up while you smooth them out and shape them.

Roll another smaller slab, set the firm form on it to mark your bottom, then scratch and slip again, smoothing the bottom to the sides. Ta-da! A nice serving bowl/flowerpot/conversation piece! About 9" on a side ( point-to-point), and about 6-7" tall.
Someone at school asked me to post on how to do this...

I'm thinking of stamping the inside rim (about a 1.5" band) all the way 'round.

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