Thursday, April 19, 2012


I started thinking yesterday about making more templates for some new pieces, new forms. So I pulled out the posters, and proceeded to come up with things I thought might work.

Like putting a base on this form to make it more like a punch bowl or centerpiece for the table.
I finished cutting out several forms

when a neighbor came by with a box of undeveloped X-ray film! He said I could have their whole remaining stock of undeveloped film from the hospital if I want, as they have gone completely digital with their imaging. What a find! I can cut out stencils, OR templates!
I have decided to number the templates to keep track of which one works with the others. For instance, I originally cut the #5 template as a base for the punch bowl idea, but the angles are too sharp, and it won't stand up by itself. So I cut #2 instead.(which works much better). Numbers 5 & 6 will work great with 4 sides, but not with 5 sides. Etc., etc., etc.
Have a good day!
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  1. x-ray film should make nice sturdy stencils and templates... last month when we visited Hayne Bayliss at his studio, he showed me how he uses Tyvek paper from the building supply store for stencils.