Wednesday, February 16, 2011

School Project

     I wanted to thank all of you for helping my students with their project.  I realize that you are all VERY busy with travel, shows, etc., so I wanted to let you know how appreciative I and the students are.  The students have had some difficulty reaching some of you, but I  assured them that it was because you were temporarily incommunicado.  I asked them to email another artist as a backup.
    The students are learning a lot about shape and form, and the process of making pottery from your websites.

Thanks again for your generous gift of time.


  1. You are welcome, and as i said, Daniel E. is a remarkably nice student :)

  2. Hope my email went through, good luck to the students.

  3. I tried to email the student that contacted me (Kiani) but got kicked back as spam. I'm not sure if it ever went through, could you let me know? I love this project and would love to help any way I can!!!