Friday, January 28, 2011

Report time again...

     Some of you have already noticed that you are getting emails from my students.  I apologize about not announcing it last week, but it just plainly slipped my mind.  I gave the students the same list I used last semester, with a couple of names crossed out as "unavailable" for reasons I won't go into.
     I really appreciate that you take time from your hectic and busy schedules to answer the questions of my students.  It makes them really excited when they come in with a reply from one of you.
     This semester, I told them they had 40 artists to choose from, so I didn't want any duplicates in the class.  You should have heard some of them today, as I read off the names that were already taken.  It's a good thing that some of you make pottery in similar styles!  I was able to give them alternate names that do similar work.  I will keep you posted on how they are doing with their reports, and what they are having to say about your work.
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. What a great idea for your students. We have a small college with a ceramic "program" here where I live. I can count on one finger (maybe two) how many times instructors from the college have brought their students out to visit the 5 potters in our little town who make a living through clay. What a wasted opportunity when you consider how varied our approaches are to both making pots and running a business.

  2. I just think that this is the coolest thing! I am happy to help if anyone wants to contact me!

  3. This is a great idea you have involving students with working potters and via he internet which is so current in today's world

  4. @ Nick - I wish I had the option of taking them on a field trip to see other potters and their work! I would take them at least twice a semester!

    @ Tracey - I know that several have looked at your work, as they have commented on it.

    @ Linda - One of the reasons for the assignment is to incorporate technology into the classroom setting. They use technology all the time, but now they are learning to use it productively.

  5. Just saw your comment on Why Not for the cone 6 site. WONDERFUL. Thanks for that post. I am just setting up my own place and this is going to be great!!