Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pressing on...

I've been trying to get the students motivated to finish their boxes by Thanksgiving.  Their design work is finished, with colorful cardboard maquettes:

now they just need to duplicate those designs in clay.  Some designs will be attached to the outside, some carved into, some through the sides, and some will carve away parts of the side completely.  Now if I can get the glazes ordered, I'll be in good shape!
     I have been trying to keep up with my 1-3 pieces a day, finished during my lunch and prep period.  So far I think I am a little ahead, with ten pieces ready to bisque... two finished today.  I have been experimenting with different shapes (trying to get back into the groove of throwing again).  So I made some stamps, and even tried pulling some handles.  Those didn't look pretty at all so I just roll out a large coil and flatten it out - seems to work so far.

Well, gotta run, have a great week!

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