Thursday, November 4, 2010

Busy, busy, busy...

Trying to get the students to do "one more coil project", with the "why do we have to draw three different design ideas for our box project?", and the constant "when do we get to play with clay again??? Today? today? today?"  It's like listening to the questions of a three year old sometimes.
     The students have done their three required coil pieces (well most of them did 3), and have moved on to their slab box project.  First they have to submit 3 different design ideas - in color - lifesize.  Then we discuss which is the most feasible (from a construction standpoint), and then they construct a lifesize, colored, cardboard mockup.  I try and give them some idea of what this will look like in 3-D.  Most have a hard time visualizing it until they see it in 3-D, then it clicks (most of the time).  Here is a slide show of some of the coil projects.  They had to construct something 5" tall, and no wider than 4".  It could have objects attached to the outside, have openings in the piece, with a variety of design elements.
Student Work

     The next thing they are doing is stamp designs, with the "why do we have to draw 15 different designs if I want to do this one?"  About half are finished with the carved stamp already.  
Tomorrow each class will carefully pack their pinch pots into boxes so I can take them to the other side of the island to bisque them on Saturday morning.  Then each class will clean a different part of the classroom.
     Some of you do 12 before 12, I have decided to do 1-3 a day during my prep.  So far this week, I'm good!

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