Sunday, September 26, 2010


     Tomorrow I will  be taking pictures of some of the pinch pots that are being produced by the students.  They are supposed to have them finished tomorrow by the end of class, so that they can start on their coil projects on Tuesday.
     Then to get some ^06 clay for the remaining projects.  I will be getting an array of colors (^06) for them to use in class.  I figure the low fire glazes keep the bright colors, and will run less, giving them a little more control over their painted designs.  If you can give me some hints on how to do that with stoneware and ^6 glaze colors, I would gladly use stoneware instead.  Let me know if you have any suggestions... I am always ready to learn more!
     Look for an array of pictures tomorrow!

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  1. Try making some underglazes with slip and mason stains. They are cheaper than glaze and easier to control and can be coated with a clear glaze.