Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Can you say "Fundraisers" ? (plural)

So the legislature has passed the budget for this year, and I'm not on it...at all.  No clay, no tools, no wheels, no kiln.  I have to run the Ceramics 1 class for a whole school year with no funds.  Good thing I got that small grant, it will cover my glazes, and "rent" for a kiln for the year, a couple of ware carts, my cone packs, and gloves.  I guess we will be doing a lot of lunch plate fundraisers for the clay.  Can you say "I'm so happy to work in a public school system, I could puke"?  That's ok... it's an election year here for the legislature.  I'm sure if I pitch my program hard enough with these people, I can get something done for next school year.  Wish me luck!  Until then, it's a good thing my college prof. gave me a couple boxes of clay when I graduated!  That should last me till the end of October.
Anybody have a large bottle of Aspirin?


  1. Woof! That's an awkward way to start the school year.
    I love the kiln rental idea though.

  2. Oh no! That's terrible... what the heck are they thinking(or NOT thinking?!). It looks like you might start to have some bake sales and car washes... but if the kids want to make pots bad enough, they'll figure out a way. :)