Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Today the principal called me into his office, said "I've got something you need to look at".  So he opens a file on the computer and pointing at a section asks "Will this be enough to start out"?  I look closer and realize it's his budget for next school year, and he has listed $5K for 2 kilns, and another $5K for clay, tools, and accessories!  Then he says, "This is just an estimate for now, we can make small adjustments to it later".  I guess he really wants me back to teach here next year...
Well, that will give me 3 kilns - one for each class.  Yeah!  No waiting to fire because the last class isn't done cooling yet!  I still plan on going for the grant again next year - for wheels!


  1. I think it's just awesome to hear about a school that values art.
    The world needs more principals like yours.

  2. Oh FANTASTIC! I don't know where you get kilns from in Guam, but if you order them from the states, I suggest you look into Bailey kilns.. they usually always have sales, plus free kiln furniture and shipping! I got a biggie (16.5 cubic feet) for $2500 less than list price, plus all the extra goodies. :D

  3. That is marvelous news! I hope it all come through for you and the kids :)

  4. ha! The blue glaze? take a clear and add 4 percent cobalt oxide :)

  5. That's great Robert.
    Thanks for stopping by createniks. My DIY potter's wheel may be a fun project for your students to undertake.

  6. Conratulations!! Can't wait to see the pictures of the new equipment and the pots that come out!