Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ready for bisque

Well, it's not six pieces, but it's a start!  Finally grabbed some time the last couple of days and did two coil bowls.  It reminded me of why I like the wheel so much!  I am not really patient enough to do nothing but handbuilds.  It seemed to drag on and on.  I  really need to find a wheel!  
       I built these out of Half and Half, which should help give it strength - even if pit fired.

       I want to seal them in foil for the bisque, and seal them again in foil with the seaweed and some copper shavings for the final pit.  I plan on using some local pine, and some creosote treated wood for the second firing to get it much hotter.  Hopefully several layers of foil will keep out the black from the fire.


  1. thanks for your note.. wow you need a wheel, pity you're not closer there's wheels all over the place here! In fact i have a spare in my studio i was trying to get to work today but i need someone mechanically minded to look at it..congrats on the job and getting your home studio set up..

  2. Until you do get a wheel, improvize!
    Try a "lazy Susan" to start with if you haven't got a whirler, if nothing else it will make handbuilding easier

  3. Hehehehe.... I do have a little lazy susan, and it helps a little, but I sure do miss the wheel!