Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mango Season is Here!

Just thought you would be interested... looks like a great season for mangos this year!  Lots of them on every tree, with some trees ripening already and some just putting on little green ones.

The first ripe tree I've seen so far.

Even the chickens like these!

This is the size where most of the mangos get eaten.  The people here mix tabasco and salt, dip, and eat these while still very sour and crunchy hard.  Another favorite is to cut them in strips and pickle them in vinegar and tabasco.  Nice hot pickled mango!  I still prefer them ripe... but then I'm strange.


  1. I grew up in Miami with tons of mango trees, and I loved them ripe, right off the tree or ground. I'm interested in eating them green. Tabasco and salt, huh. Is that Tabasco sauce, or just the pepper?

  2. Best with margarita salt and a crushed local hot pepper called donne pepper. It's a lot hotter than tabasco sauce, but may be as hot as the tabasco pepper itself. Some people just use the sauce though because it's more readily available.

  3. Look at all those ripe mangos, yum they look good and the way they are eaten I'll have to try that.

  4. Wow, interesting to find a new blog!!! I am interested in pottery but can´t make it myself, just buy in charity shops. And I love mangos but unfortunately when they reach Sweden they are not very tasty, wish I had one in the garden:)

  5. I love just the thought of having that many mangoes ripening in front of my house. Damn few mango trees here on Cape Cod, though. But I might track down some green ones and give the Tabasco and salt thing a try.