Monday, November 2, 2009

Absence of Throwing

   Here it is, halfway through the semester, and I haven’t been able to throw more than a dozen pieces or so. If teaching the ceramics is going to keep me from the wheel, I am definitely going to have to get a wheel for home. 
   I noticed the other day that the University was throwing away 3 rusty old foot powered wheels. I checked them out and they all have smooooooth bearings, so I may ask if I can have one – or all of them. They all need work and cleaning up, but I could end up with 3 working wheels… maybe refurbish two enough to sell for a modest amount – at least enough to buy 50 lbs of clay. I checked on ordering some, and the cost of the clay was great! The shipping however, was over 3 times the cost of the clay! Sooooo… may be a while. Wish me luck with getting the wheels!

Edit: Tuesday - No luck on the wheels... the art dept. had a fire over the weekend, and they hauled them away with all the fire debris.  Nuts!

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