Monday, November 30, 2009

Firing, Glazing, Firing

Wednesday I fired 5 yunomi and 3 bowls in a test kiln, and pulled them out Friday.  I lost one of the bowls, due (I believe) to a thick bottom of two mixed clays that didn't like being that thick together.  I was surprised to find that the two yunomi with the watercolor underglazes turned out wonderful!  The underglazes didn't lose any of their color at all, even with this dark clay!  So as not to try and push my luck, I just put on a good coat of super-clear, and put them back in the kiln.  The other set of three yunomi in the dark clay, I used a rootbeer float on the inside, as well as the outside to take advantage of it's ability to flow into the surface breaks and grooves, producing a darker line.  On the first groove I first put three coats of an electric blue majolica, hoping it will come through a single coat of rootbeer float.  I had another yunomi, a chawan, and a small bowl (all done in pink Los Altos clay) with a matching set of grooves cut around at the same height.  For these three I chose a cool white interior, with a wintergreen outside, and in a thin line around the lip.  The wintergreen is also a running glaze that collects in the grooves and surface textures to produce a darker line.  I started the kiln again this morning with all these pieces in it.  As of 1 pm, the surface was just starting to shimmer as I peeked in the peephole.  I will try and get pics up tomorrow - if they turn out.  Cross your fingers!

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