Monday, July 23, 2012

Visit from the Super

Two weeks ago we got a new superintendent of education here.  His first week on the job, he spent his time in a different high school each day.  At each school he talked with teachers and students, asking questions and answering some.  He spent very little time with the administrators, wanting to get a hands on look at the schools.  He came through our classroom, and I laid out everything my students made last year for him to see - a couple of hundred pieces of greenware - as well as the greenware my summer school students had completed.  He had a good time with my students, and asked them a lot of questions about their work.  After hearing that we had the only active program, but no equipment, he assured me he would try and get a kiln in place by the end of Aug. (I have heard that he is actively seeking the funds to fill my purchase order for a kiln and 6 wheels)
Here's a couple of pictures of his tour through the class.

Today the news announced that the superintendent was able to get a very large grant from the Office of Insular Affairs, with $1.3m of it going to equipment, and supplies for the classrooms, teachers, and students!  It looks like I may get my kiln and wheels!  The super intends to have all these things in place by the beginning of the new school year - about a month from now.  :-)  WOO HOOOOO!


  1. Fantastic news! It will be exciting I'm sure to be able to send students' work home with them and complete the process! Very excited for you!

  2. what great news, your hard work has paid off.