Thursday, July 12, 2012

Form??? Design??? There's a difference???

I've been busy with the students for this second session, trying to show them the difference between form and design. They have to show me three form ideas for a 5 piece table setting, choosing one for their final. Then show me three design ideas to go on the form they have chosen. Finally I showed them a stack of square slab plates from a previous class, each with a different design on it. All the same form - all different designs. They finally got it. So I have some unique settings in progress. ;-). I will post photos when they get a little further. To make sure I cover the same concepts without repeating the lessons, they have to use all three basic handbuilding techniques. They start with a pinch bowl, then do a cup & saucer using coils. Finally, they make the dinner plate and salad plate using slabs. Some of the form and design combinations are pretty ambitious. Photos next Monday!
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