Friday, June 1, 2012

Demo Day

The students are basically done for the year (except the ones feverishly trying to get their grade up). So today I brought out my wheel, did a demo or two for each class, then let them try their hand at throwing. All of them were amazed to watch the form rise higher on each pull. "Thats so easy! Why couldn't we do that instead of all this hard hand-building!" They quickly discovered it wasn't as easy as it looks.
So they wanted to see how to make things fatter

and how to make things really skinny ( I got some wide eyes with the flat lip on this thin necked vase).

I used the cow's tongue tool to compress the bottoms on these, and a stick with a ball on the end to push the belly out on these large mug forms.

Then made a cookie jar with a domed lid, using a lid master tool to measure the inside lip of the jar, and the outside diameter of the lid.

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