Monday, June 18, 2012

And the fun resumes!

On your mark...Get set...GO!!!  First day of summer school... trying to cram 90 days worth of teaching into 15.  All the drawings are done at home, and the clay work in class...4 hours of class...every day...(take aspirin here)...
The first week they make a pinch bowl, the second week a coiled mug, and the third week a slab plate.
At least they will get to experience all three techniques, and end up with three items they can use at home.

     For those of you who follow this blog to see my work and my attempts to try new forms, I will include the following link to my new personal blog - TropiClay Studio .  I decided to separate the student work from the personal work to give them their our own venue.  For those whose blogs I have been following, I will connect with you to follow your adventures on the new blog.  I wish there was a way to just export all those connections to the new blog, but it doesn't appear so.  Guess it's the copy/paste one at a time trick.

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