Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Found a Kiln!! (maybe)

Nice little anagama kiln, but the owner has restrictions.

1. Must use cut wood, no lumber or pallet wood.
2. Must fire by his schedule - ^15-20, for a full 3 day,3 night firing.

All of my students work is done in ^06 earthenware, as is most of mine right now.

What to do, what to do.

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  1. go for it, if that was near me I'd find a way, stamp a little code on the bottom of your work with high fire clay so they don't get mixed up.

  2. Linda's got the right idea about a special stamp denoting the clay. The nice thing about wood firing is you can once fire and not worry about bisque... not sure if this potter does that. ^15 - 20 is really hot, ask the potters advice about clay since not all clay can withstand that temp. I think when I have wood fired we have gone to ^12 - 13.

  3. faced with an obstacle and yet i think you will find a way.

  4. I would change clay and get firing! That is really an opportunity.