Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring cleaning

So I finally got around to straightening out the studio, brought in my old boom box and CDs, and even scrubbed the floor! Now I just need to concentrate on getting more throwing done.

I did get in a little time on the wheel Tuesday, and trimmed yesterday. These six pieces, and

this one. Can't wait To see it fired.

I tried hand carving the foot on this ... Bit of work though to get it to turn out.

Hope to get another six thrown at lunch today.

On another note, thanks to all who are helping my students with their research paper! They are learning - even though they don't want to - about clay and what you can do with it.
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  1. that is one super clean studio... you could almost eat off of the floor!

  2. Is that two clays, looks great, studio is much too clean, puts me to shame.

  3. Yes that is two different clays, and I had to clean the floor, because the principal was coming to visit the studio.