Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cake Stand...

Just a quick question to those out there who have done this kind of work before...

A cake stand on a standard 14" bat

It's not very high, or very thick.  What I want to know is:  Will the top platter part sag when this is glaze fired, or will it stay flat?  It is a ^6 Oregon White clay, with a little less sand than a Laguna B-mix.  I would hate to glaze the top and have it sag down around the base.  If it will sag, then I will leave the top bare, and just glaze the base - and fire it flat upside down.  Any suggestions??


  1. That's a tough one... if you don't try it, you'll never know for sure.
    But if you're worried about sagging, maybe throw an open ring 3/4" tall, 13" wide to put under the rim, and leave the underside unglazed instead? To smooth the unglazed surface, i/d burnish.

  2. i throw cake stands in two parts and assemble them at the leather hard stage. i have had trouble with warping during the firing. if i make the base wider i seem to have less warping although i like the look of a base that is narrower where it meets the plate. i fire them right side up and have done them to ^10 in the gas kiln and to ^12 in wood. i did one in wood that had a really cool warp to it... i liked it and kept it for myself figuring most buyers would think it was a defect! good luck and post pics of the results

  3. Try it out! But definitely put something underneath, as Brian suggested.. just in case! Next time you make a cake stand, you could try giving it the slightest bit of a rim around the outside of the stand (so when it's flipped right side up, it has a tiny bit of a "skirt").. like not even an inch. I think that would strengthen the structure.