Monday, December 27, 2010

Almost showtime...

Nearly the end of this semester, with only one more week to go in January.  Unfortunately, we have not received any glazes yet, so the students will have to come in on their own time to glaze their pieces for the show.  I have had to push the show back to February 19-20th to ensure they have enough time to finish.  The show will take place at the "Hall of Governors", next to the "Latte Stone of Freedom".  Been raining the last two days, so I will get pics posted of the place in the next couple of days.  Not sure what to name the show yet... "Plates for the Homeless"?  I don't know...
The students are making 9 inch square plates on a slump mold, with thin slabs - 2 lbs. of clay each.  They have been coming up with some great designs, so I am looking at selling the plates for $20 each - since the proceeds go to the local homeless kitchen.  Would you say that this is too much???  I would really like to hear from all of you on that issue.

I don't have photos of any of the student work yet, but my grandson and I have been making some during the break.  Here's a couple of shots of what we've accomplished so far:

He is still partial to the carving method, whereas I am using some of the stamps the students made.
I am going to borrow a little bit of glaze from a friend so I can get these glazed and fired for the advertising.  I will have a 2' X 8' banner for the outside of the gallery, 11" X 17" posters for around the island, and 4" X 6" postcards for mailing out to supporters and friends.  

A Very Merry, Safe, and Happy New Year to all of you - my friends - Take Care!


  1. I'd say there are some great designs alright!

  2. Love the stamping on these. Looks like a strait forward project for the students too. The results will be fun!