Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Back in the Mudd...

Now that I have spent the first two days of spring break cleaning classrooms, I am taking advantage of the time off.  I broke out the last of my Hagi porcelain today and found it was too wet to work, so I laid it out to dry some.

Granted, it's not a lot left but hey what are you going to do?

I went through the rest of my clay buckets and found that most of them were starting to dry out too much.  


I ended up pouring some water in each to try and rehydrate them.  The temperatures here will steam that moisture into the clay in a day or two - just need to set them out in the sun a while.  While the rest of the clay is soaking, I guess I will have to break into the 50 lbs of Half-n-Half that I have been saving.  I really should put in a clay order soon.  I just hate paying $15 to ship 50 lbs of clay!  Wish I could just drive down to the store and buy it like you folks.
     My goal is still to get three coil, and three slab pieces done by Saturday.  Wish me luck with that!
Tomorrow morning I will be going to one of the southern beaches to collect different seaweeds to use for my pit firing next weekend.  I want to wrap the seaweed around the pots, and then wrap them in aluminum foil (several layers sealed shut at the edges).  I am hoping to get a sager effect with the salts in the pit firing that way.  I will just have to wait and see...
     I have my senior show (from my college degree) in May sometime.  I will make sure to post the dates, and take plenty of photos and possibly a video.  It's a small gallery, but with only two people showing it will take a lot of pottery to fill my half.  I figure about 100 pieces, and I only have about 40 or 50 good ones now.  Besides, I need a batch of work the instructors have never seen.  
Wow, just discovered I didn't have a "Followers" section on the blog!  Just shows how much attention I give to my own layout!  It's added now if you want to keep up with my adventures as an amateur potter...
Well, gotta run and put the porcelain away.  Happy Mudding!

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