Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Last of the Last - Photos

As I posted the other day, I made sure I was there yesterday for the unloading.  Only one piece exploded (not mine) and left a small piece on the lip of one of my pots, otherwise my stuff turned out ok.
So here's what you showed up for - the pics:


Cups to match

3 piece set

A different cut to stop the glaze

Small Pot 3.5"

Hagi Porcelain

Experiment w/ Underglazes

The glazes didn't turn out exactly as planned, but then we are often surprised with the results - right?
I know the teapot is non-functional, but would appreciate any comments or critiques on the works.  How else will I learn?


  1. Coupla general comments- My fave is the first cup, I think the design came together nicely and works with the glaze. I'm not so sure about the other combos- in some cases, it looks like you may need a thicker coat of glaze- make sure you stir or screen well, some glazes like to settle.

    Also, it might help to be more decisive about your forms, think about each component, define the lip, shoulder, belly, foot. Robin Hopper's "Functional Pottery" is a good all around source. I really like it.
    Happy Potting!

  2. love that magenta rose color on the tea cups.