Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bisque 2

Propped the lid open a half inch at 360 degrees. Started unloading at 150, as I wanted to load again today, but I had it so tightly packed that it just wasn't cooling off very fast.
This was the first two shelves

The third shelf,

And the bottom shelf packed with stamps as well.

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  1. Ove' Gloves are really handy when stuff is too hot and you just don't want to be patient (like everyday!!)

  2. Good for you to use ALL your space! What fun!!

  3. The only problem with packing the bisque so tight, is that it will take 4 loads to glaze it all!!
    I have oven gloves - the stiff kevlar type, but it was still so hot at the bottom that it was singeing the hair from my arms! I need a big hurricane fan to blow air down into the bottom of the kiln....