Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Student work video

Happy New Year to all the followers! I know you are anxious to see some of the student's work, and hear the next chapter in the "Kiln Saga", so here you go!
I talked with the vendor in Tacoma, Wa. the other day, and he told me that the kiln would ship out to us by the end of this week!!! Finally!
:-)) I expect I'll be doing non-stop firings throughout the month of March... but that's a good thing! ( I keep telling myself that every time I think of all the outside class time hours it will take.)
Here are two short videos of student work. For some reason the phone camera split it in two parts - not even in the middle... oh well, Enjoy the work!

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

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  1. Looks like you have some talented kids this year. I love the idea of the tile project, finally everyone will see some finished work! The kids must be as excited about the kiln as you are.

  2. Very nice! And happy new year to you!