Friday, July 30, 2010

I love Cup Exchanges!

     I love cup exchanges!  About a month ago I sent off a cup to Joel Blum (FetishGhost), and 2 days ago I received this beauty in the mail - 

And it arrived just in time for my birthday!  What a fantastic present!
     I am hoping to get back to this blog more frequently than I have this last month.  I have barely had time to catch up on the reading and make the occasional comment.
     Not only am I getting the 6 rooms for the ceramics program ready for the students, but have been dealing with a number of health issues with my wife that required me to be her caregiver for a while.  She is recovering nicely with meds and physical therapy but I have not had a lot of spare time lately.
     All your blogs have given me some relaxation, some laughs, and lots of inspiration.  Thanks, I appreciate the effort you put into writing them.  

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Title Change

     Well, I've gone and done it!  After a lot of thought, and a little angst, I chose a name for the studio. Thanks for your input!  TropiClay Studio was the original idea that I had for a name, but my family didn't think much of it at the time.  Now that I have chosen it, and come up with an idea for the studio sign, they think better of it.   Time to get my 19 yr old grandson to start using those photoshop skills on my sign!
     Rather than make another blog with the new name, I have left the address the same and just changed the titles on the blog pages.  I also set up an Etsy site, but have to get a photo cube made and good shots of my work before posting anything on it.  Thanks to Gary Rith who posted pics of his home-made cube!
     Now all I have to do is hit up every business on Guam for donations to the new ceramics studio at school, so I can buy the equipment, tools, and clay!  Already have two businesses who said give them a letter with an item listed, so I'm off to a good start.

Monday, July 12, 2010

What's in a (studio) name??

Been so busy for the last month trying to keep everything going.  The only bad part about teaching art at a high school, is that there are no summer school programs for art... hence no paycheck in the summer.  I have tried to do some slabwork pieces, but none have survived the pitfiring process - so far.  I really am lost without a wheel.  If the slabs don't crack and disintegrate, they come apart at the seams.  Anyway...
     I have been trying to think of a good name for my business.  I have a few pieces, but don't want to set up an Etsy site without a proper studio name to go by.  I also have business cards on hold for the same reason.  I plan on selling locally at the Wednesday and Friday night markets, where busloads of tourists show up to experience island cooking and island handicrafts.  I have several names but wanted to see what impact they have on people by asking you - fellow potters - your opinions.

Seaside Ceramics
Ocean Breeze Ceramics
TropiClay Studio
The Springs  ( I live in a slight valley 300 yards from a natural spring, that they still pump water from)
The Guam Potter
Guam Clay Studio

I would appreciate any and all input.