Monday, July 12, 2010

What's in a (studio) name??

Been so busy for the last month trying to keep everything going.  The only bad part about teaching art at a high school, is that there are no summer school programs for art... hence no paycheck in the summer.  I have tried to do some slabwork pieces, but none have survived the pitfiring process - so far.  I really am lost without a wheel.  If the slabs don't crack and disintegrate, they come apart at the seams.  Anyway...
     I have been trying to think of a good name for my business.  I have a few pieces, but don't want to set up an Etsy site without a proper studio name to go by.  I also have business cards on hold for the same reason.  I plan on selling locally at the Wednesday and Friday night markets, where busloads of tourists show up to experience island cooking and island handicrafts.  I have several names but wanted to see what impact they have on people by asking you - fellow potters - your opinions.

Seaside Ceramics
Ocean Breeze Ceramics
TropiClay Studio
The Springs  ( I live in a slight valley 300 yards from a natural spring, that they still pump water from)
The Guam Potter
Guam Clay Studio

I would appreciate any and all input.


  1. I like the last two names the best. They are unique to you.

  2. TropiClay Studios is good, makes a person curious to see what you make.

  3. I like Seaside Ceramics, has a nice flow off the tongue. Ocean Breeze Ceramics would be second. Both make a nice picture in the mind.

  4. TropiClay Studio sounds good :)