Wednesday, August 11, 2010

And it's on....

School has started, and with a new ceramics program!  Yea!  I get to teach what I love doing!  Luckily, the first two weeks of class are based on line, shape, and rhythm design drawings.  It looks like it may take that long for the new school computer program to sort out the students' schedules!  They have OVERLOADED my classes to the point of being ridiculous.  I may have to just pull ten names out of a hat  for each class and tell the office "these need to be shifted to another class".  Not that it would make much difference at the moment - I may not have a "studio" ceramics class anyway.
     Unfortunately, the budget doesn't arrive till Oct., and they have not bought any clay, glazes, or tools.  So I am delivering solicitation letters to local businesses with order forms attached for a couple boxes of clay, or a dozen sets of wooden tools, or a gallon of glaze.   Let's hope they are willing to invest in the "Arts in Education" program!

A teacher I met last year at another school, is now teaching at my school, and his wife is too!  He teaches science, and she teaches Japanese.  They have lived in Japan for many years, and now have moved here.
He has been bugging me to see some of my work since last year.  So yesterday I brought in this little set for him to see:

They both fell in love with it as soon as I unpacked it... and he didn't even take a breath before pulling out the checkbook!  Love it when things sell that easy... wish they all did ;)

Well, time to get back to fundraising!
Happy Mudding all!


  1. Wonderful to teach what you like!! I teach Swedish:) Your blog is interesting!

  2. I too live in an island...............;-)
    Best wishes