Tuesday, May 4, 2010

A Wheel!

The local ceramics professor at the University finally broke down and said he would sell me one of his wheels!  It's an older model Pacifica, but he says it works fine - he just uses it for trimming.  He will adjust the belts, adjust the foot pedal, and clean it all up.  Now I just have to haggle with him on the price.  His wife wants $300, but he said he will let it go for less... I'll see if he'll take $250.  I already know he will take payments. Yeah!!  FINALLY getting back on the wheel!
Now.... about a kiln...


  1. I've been watching the ads religiously around here for used pottery equipment, they go fast, congrats on the wheel and good luck finding a kiln.

  2. E-mail me a snail mail address and a packet of Cape Cod brochures will be off to Guam. E-mail to me at hatchvillepottery@comcast.net.