Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On the wheel again, oh it's good to be back on the wheel again....

Yesterday I put a car fan belt on the Pacifica and tightened it down.  Today I gave it a good road test to see what it had under that wheel head.  I was afraid it would take some time to produce anything worthwhile since I haven't been on the wheel since last December, but I guess it's like riding a bike.  I will trim the pieces I did during lunch, sometime tomorrow.  Wish me luck with that.

It is a little worn, but you should have seen it BEFORE I cleaned it up!

Did these three pieces as practice during my 30 minute lunch.  I will trim them up tomorrow - hopefully at lunch time.

I want to thank Charles at Hughes Pottery for the excellent mug for my desk at school, and to Zygote for the nice coaster/ teabag holder/ lid, that I use to keep the kids from dropping loose clay from their hands into my mug!  It works great for keeping my drinks cold, and the lid keeps those sodas from going flat so fast!

The color schemes are different, but who cares - as long as it works, right?

Stay tuned for more wares!

Coil Projects Started

Well, we are moving on to the coil projects.  Since we are not firing these, they have to make three different vessels, and recycle each to make the next one.  They will be graded on all three for things like craftsmanship, decor, and time management.  So far they have come up with some interesting stuff.....

These are all 5" tall, and no more than 4" wide.  I will try to remember to take more pictures in the next two days as they get more of them finished and graded.

Last of the pinch pots

Finally remembered to bring home the camera and upload the pictures.  We have a few interesting ones in this batch... can't wait to see what colors they use to decorate them!   Enjoy the pics.

That finished off the pinch projects, now on to the coil projects.  Due to the fact that I don't have any more clay at the moment, the coil projects will be recycled - not fired.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Double Yahooooo!

Just a quick post during a break.  Last night I stopped by the post office and there it was... the Grant Award Letter!  I can't wait to start spending!  Then I get home and the phone rings... it's my ceramics prof. from Univ. of Guam.  He asks: "So when are you going to come pick up this wheel?"  So I drive to the other side of the island and pick up my "new" used Pacifica 400 wheel!  I started it up today and the remaining 2 bands snapped!  Can I use a multi-grooved automotive belt of the same size????  Someone please let me know!  I've got to throw something soon, or I'll go crazy!

I'll post pics of  both later....