Friday, January 28, 2011

Report time again...

     Some of you have already noticed that you are getting emails from my students.  I apologize about not announcing it last week, but it just plainly slipped my mind.  I gave the students the same list I used last semester, with a couple of names crossed out as "unavailable" for reasons I won't go into.
     I really appreciate that you take time from your hectic and busy schedules to answer the questions of my students.  It makes them really excited when they come in with a reply from one of you.
     This semester, I told them they had 40 artists to choose from, so I didn't want any duplicates in the class.  You should have heard some of them today, as I read off the names that were already taken.  It's a good thing that some of you make pottery in similar styles!  I was able to give them alternate names that do similar work.  I will keep you posted on how they are doing with their reports, and what they are having to say about your work.
Enjoy your weekend!

Monday, January 24, 2011

What to do, what to do...

Had this nice little pot and didn't quite know what to do with it... so today at lunch I tried something a bit different with the carving.  Don't know if it quite works or not,  I'll let it stare at me for a day or so and see how I like it.  What do you think??

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sketchbook Challenge

Well, I haven't sketched much of anything since I finished my art classes at college, so wanting to find a way to "make me" sketch, I joined in on the challenge that started Jan. 1st.  I am more of a "hands on" kind of guy, so I decided to assemble my own sketchbook.  I started with an empty textbook cover - it had never had any pages (lucky me) and a sheet of 120 lb cover stock.

  I cut it to fit the inside of the cover, glued it down with good old Elmer's, then set my spiral bound 6x9" book in it to mark the spirals on the spine.  Taking a very small drill bit, I drilled holes on either side of each spiral pair, the length of the spine.  I used a 4.5' - 5' piece of dental floss - the flat ribbon type - and a curved needle to sew the cover onto the spirals.

  I made sure I went around each spiral pair 3 times for extra strength.  Once the book was secure to the cover, I needed something to cover the stitches on the outside of the spine.  I remembered some very nice leather scraps I have had for years, and chose a nice golden yellow to contrast the hunter green of the textbook cover.  Using a good contact cement, I attached the leather to the outside and folded it in - gluing down the edges.  Now I just have to start sketching!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year, New Pots! (I hope!)

What a way to start the new year:

 - although I really wish I could see the snow again.

This new year will bring a lot of change, new classes - both for the students, and for me; new techniques - I want to try a lot of different things that you have all shown me in your blogs; new style... I have already tried to break away from the classroom assigned styles and try to develop my own but it is difficult; new teaching adventures with the Engaging Youth Program - I can teach them how to have fun with clay and not worry about grades; and new shows - both for the students and myself.

I will be trying to get some college credits between now and the next school year, to enjoy a pay raise and work towards my Masters degree.  I wish there was a professor here who would actually teach me something about pottery, not just say - "there's the wheel".  I would love to spend a month or two with many of you potters, to learn from you, to increase my proficiency, to develop a better overall understanding of this art form that I love.


Would it be possible to spend a few days with the potters around Seagrove sometime in June??  I would need to find the nearest airport, and someplace to stay for a couple of nights.  I would dearly love to visit your studios and absorb as much info as possible (lots of audio notes), to learn from the  largest concentration of great potters that I know of.  Please let me know if it would be possible to come visit, and how to get there (airport, floor to sleep on, etc.) 

I look forward to the coming year and all its changes!  May the new year bring you all many blessings!